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New, yet experienced.

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Starting a business from the ground up is a challenging and frustrating journey. Feeling alone with crick in my neck, shoulder stiff morning and night, chugging water throughout the day as a reminder that I should have a restroom break, I force myself day in and day out to sit in front of my aging laptop, which takes at least 7 minutes to start up. What do I write? Who is my audience? I realize blogging is a commodity requiring serious productions. Yet, here I am, just jotting down my thoughts while I try to stretch my head and neck forward and back because, boy!, it sure feels stiff! I may be new to blogging, but I am an experienced wife, mother, nurse, daughter and sister, a friend, colleague, or a mentor and a teacher. I have so much to say, so much to share, and a lifelong of experiences to teach. Let's connect!

A lady smelling roses.
Stopping to smell the roses.

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