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Arvelle Lanham, Sr. is a remarkable individual who has gained a wealth of knowledge and wisdom through his life experiences. He is the founder of the MeloBeing brand, which he has built with authenticity and confidence. Arvelle understands the significance of life, mind, love, and truth, and he uses his expertise to help people from diverse cultural backgrounds grow emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually.


In addition to his work with MeloBeing, Arvelle is a music producer. Music has been an integral part of his life since high school, and he credits it as the one thing that kept him away from trouble. As a devoted father, he is committed to being present for his children and teaching them the necessary tools to navigate life's challenges and live a life filled with love.


Despite not attending traditional colleges, Arvelle obtained several professional certifications and worked his way up from a mailroom personnel to a systems engineer at 500 Fortune companies in the United States. During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Arvelle took the opportunity to be his children's teacher and focus on the MeloBeing brand. He also expanded his knowledge by obtaining his real estate and insurance licenses.


Arvelle firmly believes that good character is everything, and he strives to help those around him achieve their best selves. With his family by his side, he leads his communities towards the greatness of life's natural progression through life, mind, love, and truth.


Stay tuned for more exciting things to come from the MeloBeing brand!

Arvelle L. Lanham, Sr.

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