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He is one of my self-care practices!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

"Max! Max! Are you ready? We were supposed to leave 30 minutes ago!" With fumes coming out of both ears, I huffed and puffed in our living room. Once again, I was telling my husband, more of yelling at him, to HURRY UP because we were going to be late to a wedding. In his defense, we were not really going to be late. We had plenty of time. But to me, being on time means being at our place of commitment 15-30 minutes early. Late means being there exactly at the planned time.

My father taught me at a very young age "early birds get the worms first." I know even if I am not trying to get first in line for anything, I respect people's time enough to embrace the fact that I would rather be the one waiting for them than make them wait for me. Their time is as valuable as mine.

My husband took his time, and reminded me to be patient because what's most important was for us to "arrive alive." It took me several minutes to stop blaming him for having to rush him and it took arriving at the wedding for me to have a sincere smile on my face again. I apologized to my husband for clinging to a character of always being punctual when there are circumstances that do not always allow it, therefore, I must yield, accept, adapt, and be merry.

You see, my husband is my balance. He is one of my many self-care practices to keep me in tune with myself. He allows me to be vulnerable and gives me the opportunity to fight for what I know is important to me without destroying our relationship. Us being "almost late" to a wedding added to our love foundation. He is and will always be one of my self-care practices. Who is yours?

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"Debbie! Debbie! I Love You So Much! You are the Love of my Life!" Thank you for being Honest and Transparent. That is what allows us to grow and create our Harmony! - Your Honey Brown Suger - 😍

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