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" Know and love yourself."  

Dr. Debbie Noble Lanham


Wife. Mom. Doctor of Nursing Practice. Health/Wellness speaker. Financial Educator. Philanthropist.

I am blessed to have the role of a wife to my caring and empathetic husband, Arvelle, Sr. Together, our affection has brought forth children who are compassionate and considerate, for whom we are deeply thankful for they are our blessings from God. My priorities have always revolved around my family, yet my career path has been shaped by my journey as a nurse. My overarching aim in life is to create a nurturing and joyful atmosphere for underprivileged children, providing them with opportunities, love, and hope through charitable initiatives

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Worker with Ladder
Worker with Ladder

"Character building is everything"

Arvelle, Sr

Husband. Father.  Financial Educator. Entrepreneur. Music Producer. Philanthropist.

I am just a person who experienced the sour and appreciated the sweet. 

Like everyone, I have experiences I learned from, and those experiences I wish I never had. Regardless of where we are, our character could build us up or tear us down. The question is, where do you want to be? 

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